Ascot Advertising boasts deep expertise and offers a wide array of services to help you achieve a successful campaign. With our approach to success, we first generate an understanding of your brand attributes, brand promise, target audience and campaign goals. We use that insight to evaluate media opportunities for a custom approach. The development of your stellar advertising campaign is led by our talented creative team, while Ascot Advertising continually tracks and measures campaign effectiveness following its launch.

Ascot Advertising Services

Digital Advertising

Ascot Advertising uses a unique digital media buying platform that improves results from digital advertising. We combine the latest technology with sophisticated data analysis and real human campaign management. If you want complete transparency on placement and data elements, governed by expert human oversight, you need Ascot Advertising.

  • Premium Placement — We access premium digital publishers, from ESPN to Fox News to WebMD, and use controls to ensure ads are in viewable online positions.
  • 360° Device Household Targeting — We target all digital screens in a household for 360° impressions, so you can influence your audience across multiple touches.
  • Organizational Targeting — We use IP identifiers to target digital ads for specific organizations, from businesses to physician offices to government agencies.
  • Mobile Ad Solutions — With an array of solutions, we overcome the historical challenges of audience targeting, measurement, attribution, and differing ad sizes.
  • Social Media Management — We help you gain traction in social media by seeding posts and promotions, organically guiding your audience to start sharing. 
Ascot Advertising Services

Traditional Advertising

Print — Perhaps the most traditional form of advertising. Print advertising is changing now more than ever, primarily due to a shift from hard copy newspapers and magazines to digital editions online or via tablets.

Television — Television advertising reaches audiences of all ages and demographics and performs across the spectrum of local and national broadcast, cable and satellite channels.

Out of Home — Out of Home (OOH) advertising offers a unique way to reach consumers in their everyday life. Examples of OOH advertising include mobile billboards, airport displays, taxi advertising, bus wraps, commuter rail displays, street furniture, airships and wallscapes,  just to name a few. The execution of this type of campaign has no limits!

Radio — Radio advertising trends show that radio continues to be a viable advertising tactic. Ascot Advertising sources integrated campaigns including local and national AM/FM radio, SiriusXM satellite radio, internet stream services and blog radio.

Sports & Entertainment Sponsorships — Connecting brands to fans is perhaps the most exciting way to engage with consumers and capitalize on brand loyalty. We have in-house experts who specialize in sponsorship negotiation and management of sports and entertainment properties. Expertise includes NASCAR, NFL, professional sports teams, concert tours and athlete appearances.

Product Placement — Product placement allows advertisers to engage with consumers without the in-your-face style of traditional advertising. Ascot Advertising sources unique opportunities to integrate your brand or product. Examples include TV shows, awards shows, movies, and video games.